The Hat and Bird

Hooligan Filmworks

David Popescu founder, of Hooligan Filmworks, is a comedy genius; and as such, doesn't really have a bio.

He's shot in 23 countries on 5 continents in countless languages for clients such as VW, Coca-Cola, LG, Sharp, McDonald's, Toshiba and IKEA. David's work runs the gamut from big budget epic comedic nonsense to low-fi sophisticated irony. It all comes down to timing and framing.

He's credentialed too - studying at the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and then working as an art director at various major and boutique agencies, before finally taking his place behind the camera.

Awards? Sure - he's won awards. Who hasn't? 

He's a functioning existentialist, illustrator, writer, motorcyclist and guitarist in a two man rock band.

He also loves your favourite novel.